Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow day

This little gem was grown on my window sill in a miner bit bucket. About a half gallon size bucket, soil from the compost pile. Should be mighty tasty with the fresh made sour cream! It's snowing here today and my attempts to pen the chickens up in the coop were in vain. So, they are running around with the snow flying, free ranging in the fence row, again because I was too slow this morning. I swear, as big as Australorps are, I would have never guessed they could fly out of a 6' fence, but they do. I need to finish the roof! The bunnies have a new tarp up on the open side of their shed, I hope to have kits born in the next week. The horses are all bedded up in the barn for the night and all that's left is putting some round bales out and helping the neighbor milk the cows. I haven't even started my first loaf of bread today, shame on me but it's such a dreary day, everything seems like slow motion. Plenty of stuff to warm up to eat and a few slices of bread from yesterday will have to do for now.

I've been designing some new container growing shelves for the windows but they're on hold until next week due to lack of a lumber fund. Seems like the odds and ends bills keep sneaking up on me. Christmas is right around the corner and I've been sneaking in baking a few cakes and cookies here and there.

I did start a few more seeds for the container garden, the thought of having to spend money on something I can grow kills me. They won't be even started well by Christmas, but they should be producing long before the last frost so it's worth it. I also started a couple new herb seeds I hadn't had access to before. Hope they sprout!

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