Sunday, December 14, 2008

feeling a bit spoiled

When speaking with others about my lifestlye, I get the "how do you do it" question all the time and the "don't you miss fast food, etc" line. Well, I'd like to share my weekend experience at the Holiday Inn Express business suites with you. Company Christmas party thing, they paid for the room. I do appreciate that too since it would have been a 75 mile drive home late at night and I wouldn't have been able to do the once a year beer consumption thing. Other than the fact that there is just no place like home, the provided breakfast opened my eyes to how spoiled I really am.

The buffet breakfast that was served at the hotel was something even my DOGS wouldn't eat. Soy sausage should be against the law! Powdered eggs are a travesty of life and fake butter with fake cream should not be allowed for human consumption! There is really something to be said about good old fashioned home cooking. Soft and crunchy crusted fresh from the oven bread with free range chicken eggs and a hunk of the hog I just butchered, fresh cream and butter made from that same cream, that's how I do it and nope, I sure don't miss that commercial pre packaged food! Suffering thru that meal made me appreciate the time I get to spend in my own kitchen and having the opportunity to grow my own foods and butcher my own meats.

Ah, I shouldn't be so hard on poor Holiday Inn Express, at least they serve Arabica coffee! They brew it way too strong but it's still good coffee.

The Christmas party was average but the beer was free. The caterer over cooked the prime rib but we lived thru it. We're good until next year ;)

It's good to be home!


  1. Pretty funny. After having fresh eggs from our chickens, store bought is not allowed here anymore. Not even sure those things are eggs anyway. Nothing like the home grown stuff.


  2. Funny stuff. I can't agree more on the powdered eggs and fake butter. After eating fresh eggs, homemade bread, and real butter for so long, the others just taste awful. My stepdaughter still insists on eating margerine, so we keep a small tub in the fridge for when she comes over. Kinda scary how that stuff last so long....could be the fact that its 1 molecule away from plastic, lol. And soy sausage??? I can't even imagine.....
    Kinda funny though....I've been working on a new Holiday Inn for the past few months.

  3. My 2 youngest eat fresh eggs from our co-op every morning. The first time they looked at me funny because they eggs were almost orange. Now, they wont eat an egg that is yellow..."It doesnt taste right" is what I get from the littlest.

  4. Chucklin my lips off, EM- lol, that is funny.
    Remember the old expression, "He'd bitch about being hung with a new rope"? LOL
    That is too funny.
    Now you know they tried their level best to live up to the plastic expectations of this society, so gosh golly gee, don't be so hard on them. LOL- I gotta save this post.
    (Or am I just in a funny mood today? Gosh, I just dunno what's gettin' into me. Maybe old age.)

  5. Now there is a post that truly mirrors the way I think. Glad I found another place where folks are REAL and live life the way it should be!

    Great post!


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