Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disconcerting article I found

Hubby is passed out for the day( he works midnites) so while I'm canning my butter, I thought I'd do a little research reading. I found an article, wrriten by an OSU professor that kind of hit me wrong. Maybe I read it with a bias in my mind, maybe not. OSU PROF DESCRIBES EXPERIENCES WITH SURVIVALISTS written 3-6-02

Richard Mitchell, an OSU professor of sociology, wrote the book after meeting with a variety of self-described survivalists at clandestine training camps, conferences, gun shows and the residences of home-based groups. He says that there are bands of self-styled survivalists prepared to arm themselves for action to protect America against domestic threats --- real and imagined.

Now, I don't know why his article miffed me so much because I have never claimed to be a survivalist, I am truly a sustainst, supporting ideals for feeding ones self and taking care of my family without commercial, corporate or governmental support. This man lumps all types of people with these kinds of values in with nutcases like Tim McVeigh and James Oliver Huberty?

Mitchell fills his book with fascinating characters of all sorts. Dentists, millionaire business leaders and other professionals, mix with gun enthusiasts, blue-collar tradesmen, and hard luck characters trying to scratch out a living. Some are sympathetic; others are frightening.

"One retired military officer preaches killing all Jews and overthrowing the government, while a computer engineer buries 42 school buses in his back yard to shelter 500 of his neighbors in time of war," Mitchell said. "And then there's the unemployed construction worker who sells his expensive guns to care for the family's ailing dog."

These are real people, Mitchell says, and they all head survivalist groups. Yet you likely wouldn't know they were survivalists if you ran into them on the street.

Defining what makes a survivalist isn't as simple as it sounds, Mitchell said, but in general survivalists are looking for trouble. "But for them," he added, "trouble also has possibilities."

Since when does wanting to stay safe and fed translate into "looking for trouble"? I do what I do to stay out of trouble! Do people really think about what I'm doing for my family like this? Is this why my neighbors roll their eyes when I suggest that they stock a little food up?

"Survivalism helps ordinary people imagine themselves as extraordinarily useful," Mitchell said.

"Are they always realistic about what they do? No. They buy gas masks, build fallout shelters and hoard food supplies when they know the real problems are with big business, foreign policy and changing morals.

So now canning my own home grown food is hoarding????? What should I do instead... wait in the bread line like a good little sheep with my hands out begging?

Okay, I need a cup of coffee and a smoke. Maybe an aspirin too............


  1. It's jerks like this that will be some of the first to come knocking at your door for food when the government bread lines and handouts all dry up!

    Lottsa luck is all I can say! We'll just keep on keeping on!

  2. Followed the link. Hard to imagine how this guy could be any more biased. You'd be hard pressed to find a negative stereotype he doesn't cover.

    One has to wonder if he's been the victim of folks like that old man at the gun show who was playing the media and doesn't even realize it.

    Either way, he's a Putz

  3. EM, part of the problem with jerkoffs like this guy is he went looking for 'survivalists' and found renegade militia. There's a big big difference between Preppers, Militia and those Rambo-wannabees. Don't let that lard-butt (cleaned up wording for feminine eyes) get to you. There will always be detractors and those who think they 'know better' when they don't even know how to clean their own underwear.
    That kind is the enemy, anyway: don't let them know the truth cuz we want them to drown in their own spit.

  4. As Glenn Beck would say... "Get the duct tape" I think my heads about to explode!

    Stereo-typing like this is just so frustrating!

    Thanks for the link and the update. Its always good to know what is being said out there.

  5. There's a big difference between militant survivalists and those who want to be self sufficient and self sustaining. I get the rolled eyes too. Most people are shocked to hear that I have chickens and grow my own tobacco. Are they really that far removed from natural living?


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