Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Calf

A Christmas calf! I'm babysitting a friends' farm for a couple days, milking cows, feeding calves etc and this is what I found this afternoon. A newborn calf. The cow was overdue so it wasn't really a surprise, I knew it could happen but I've not had experience with this sort of thing(cows). Now I have, LOL. Needless to say, by the time I got them both in the barn, I was wore out and muddy. A heifer calf and she's beautiful. I just missed getting to see it, the calf was still wet when I found her. The cow is an older girl so thankfully she wasn't upset over me being so close, she really is a big dang cow and could have stomped me if she wanted to. Glad she didn't :)


  1. Exciting way to start the day, huh? Nature at her finest...

    You have a good day, my friend.

  2. I've been living in Bend, Oregon for the past 30+ years. Off the REAL farm for 21 years. Some of my best memories were the calves of 30 years ago (800 each year) that came early spring. The ones that were pulled or bummered needed special attention. I would never decline that part of my job. One night, while on 3 hour shifts, as it was 15 below with calves dropping, I found 5 near frozen calves(no cell phones) and put them in my pickup, with the heat full bore and took them to my house that had a lower level laundry room. Each got a dunk in the tub of hot water til they started moving, then it was into the tent I made with sheets and the dryer vent hose.. By 7 AM they were wantin their mama's. So, I put them in the enclosed racks, in the back of the PU and went to the area they were born. I balled like a calf and 5 rather large red cows came a callin for babies. All were reunited, healthy and happy.I became family with the owners and the cows. To this day I will alway be grateful for my experience there. I will always be more preparred as well.


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