Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September already

Wow!  It's been a awhile since I've last posted here.  Eh, where to start... Lousy unlucky living about sums it up.  Just one thing after another drove me down and everything I did attempting to improve the situation just made it worse.  So, I had to take a second job.  I have my grandson all the time now and we're sitting in the truck(he's sleeping) using the neighbors wifi.

It's breeding season for the goats and I'm pretty happy about it.  5 months and a new crop of kids will be entertaining me. I'm really excited about it, I love the kids.  All the nanny's are healthy, Billy got big and filled out.  Should be a dandy herd of babies.

Rough summer for the chickens.  Hawks, possums and coons been hitting the flock hard.  I get one varmint caught, another pops up.  I'm down to 4 bobwhite hens and a roo.  They won't start laying until spring
  The coturnix are easier to handle so I'm going to move more towards them.  I need to get the excess roo's out so the girls will lay more.  Eh, the wire rolls are out of reach for now.  Too many bills in front of that expense.  Hence the second job!

Both my lawn mowers have quit on me.  The farm looks like it's abandoned, the grass is so tall, the goats disappear.  The old mare tells me where they are most of the time tho.  The old girl is still in good shape and healthy.

Grandson is awake, guess it's back to the house....