Monday, May 4, 2020

time creeping on

It does creep on.  Time.  Seems like there's plenty but I never seem to get enough done.  I'm just not as young as I used to be I guess.  Then again, it's only been 7 weeks since the first baby goat was born this year and I spent 4 weeks on unemployment, doing nothing major, just piddling and playing with the grandson, cooking, playing with a few soap recipes and watching the whole world go insane over nothing.  It has become perfectly clear how Hitler convinced Germany to accept socialism and murder 6 million Jews while attempting to take over the world.  Amazing (and a little scary) to watch.

I'm already back at my off farm job.  Plenty of co-workers freaked out and frightened over catching covid.  I am not afraid and I refuse to wear a mask of any kind.  Won't do it.  No reason to.  I find I am easily annoyed by others around me trying to convince me I need to be a frightened lemming like they are.  I saddens me how many people around me are sheep, not capable of thinking for themselves.

Worked on the garden before the rain came in.  I could smell it coming and it had already started to rain as I was covering my last row of bean seed.  I wanted to be planted already but I didn't want the couple of mid 30f nights to hurt any of it so I waited.  I have plenty of seedlings in the house that need to go out, just didn't get out of bed early enough today to get it done.  Too distracted by the 20 little projects I have on my list.  Maybe tomorrow before the grandson gets here if it's not pouring rain.
The camera lens on my phone is finally scratched up enough that it's no longer taking clear pictures.  Guess it's time to replace it.  The 2 batches of play-doh I made in anticipation of my grandson visiting me tomorrow.  One for him to play with and another to sell.  Completely edible altho I don't think after tasting it, any child would bother since it's pretty salty.

I haven't sold any babies yet, if the auction house opens up for June, I might if the price is good.  I'd rather keep them all than sell them cheap.  Besides, I'm perfectly capable of butchering for myself and goat is a fine meal.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

New babies

New babies today!  A set of twins to a yearling nanny, they were still wet when I found them.  Good mamma, she tended them well.  If the market stays as weak as it is right now into peak selling time, I might end up with a few young billys in the freezer and a whole bunch of new milking girls!  This virus thing is not good.  Not good at all.  Hardly anyone in this rural area is paying attention to the stay at home order thing.  Thankfully, there are only 3 confirmed cases within 50 miles of here.  My off farm place of employment has shut down for at least 2 weeks, I had to sign up for unemployment today.  I haven't had to do that since the 80's.  Weird times we're living in, that's for sure!

Today was day 3 of shutdown and I spent it  cooking, again.  Set the young'uns on digging up the tore up water line for the barn and piling up the debris from the one side of the old barn that fell in already.  We get that cleaned up and I can get to ripping the other side off and pushing the middle over.  Gotta get it all gone so I can get to prepping the spot for the twin tiny house cabins.  A little at a time and it all comes together.

Started working on a new quilt project.  I've also got some fragrance oils brewing and need to process some aloe fronds.  Plenty to keep me busy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

That Figures- sighs.............

It's raining.  Of course it is, I had things I wanted to get done.  Sold my billy goat this morning.  He'd produced 3 crops of kids for me and he's related to half the herd now so he needed to go to a new herd of girls.  I sold him private sale to someone who will breed with him.

He is a nice billy, makes nice babies and not aggressive.  Love those kiko crosses.

I'm just hanging out with the grandson today, looking at quilting patterns on pinterest………..

Monday, March 23, 2020

who's laughing now?

hehehehehehe, who's laughing now?  I'm a prepper/homesteader, always have been.  Just kind of worked out that way, lifestyle and all.  Everyone around me locally laughed and dismissed me as being everything from "paranoid" to "batshit crazy".  Nobody had time to listen to or learn anything from me.  Now, I'm getting the "how do you do this" thing and the "can you help me with this" thing.  Uhm, yah, I guess I could but I'm really kind of busy taking care of my farm and my own people.

It's never been hard to grow food, can food, be more than a little frugal and live a simple life without all the unnecessary extra things most people waste time and money on.  It's just always been how I am.  So, when everyone was running around frantic, looking to hoard all the tp and hand sanitizer, I got to just sit back and watch the show.  I waited a few days for the panic to settle and went out to pick up diapers for the newborn and some flour to make bread, etc.  Did I really need those things, no, not really but it made the daughter feel better.

Now, what worries me is the plant I work for shutting down for a couple weeks.  Looks like they're planning on shutting down this coming weekend and being down for at least 2 weeks.  That means I have to sign u for unemployment.  This should be pretty interesting because I have never done this before.  It figures, every time I get going good here with this farm and start taking the risks to improve, something happens to ruin it all.  Go figure.  Yes, it upsets me and worries me some but I'll get it figured out.  Always do.  Besides, I've got the solar back up and already have a good amount of seedlings going for the garden.  2 or 3 more weeks of crazy weather and the plants I can direct seed (beans, corn, etc) can get planted.  If it doesn't rain tomorrow, the garden should be firmed up
enough that I can walk thru it without sinking to my knees, LOL.  Potatoes, onions and garlic are sooooo ready to get planted.   I will just have to work extra hard to get back on track with my big dreams and plans I haven't paid for yet when this craze blows over.  Better be soon since I'm feeling a little impatient.
Thinking about building this little bugger to hold my daily harvest until I use it this summer.  

It's grandsons bedtime so off I go......