Saturday, January 9, 2016

For Cripe Sake!

Yep, it's raining again!  I keep looking for Noah to float by.  This round comes with a nasty cold snap and it will be below freezing for a few days.  Hope Baby goat doesn't decide to pop right in the middle of it.

So far, 5 babies in the barn.  Yep, it's goat kid picture time, hehehehe

Yah, I know, that first one is fuzzy.  It didn't look fuzzy in the camera lens!  Eh, my batteries were about shot.  The triplets are doing great.  The 2 blacks and the tri-colored are all Tinkers, the single carmel colored one is Sadies.  The fat little kinder goat tri-colored spit fire ran from me when I tried to get her picture.  She's camera shy and a rascal.  Typical Delta baby.  So, who is left to kid?  Baby of course, she is huge!  The 2 yearlings too.  Hope I can catch them right away so I won't have a repeat of the other yearlings dead twins.

The garden porn is starting to show up in the mailbox and I'm already thinking of seed stating.  Of course I am!  Hard to not think of it, it's my favorite time of year!  I'm hoping to have the garden turned over and ready to go early this spring.  I've given up on help doing that.  It's unreliable and a waste of time waiting for others big dreams and promises to be fulfilled.  So, I'll just do it myself and not worry about it.  Just don't have the time to wait on others to mess my plans and farming future up.  This past year was miserable, my fault for relying on the help that didn't come as promised.  Lesson learned.  Move on.

The off farm job kept me from profiting from the holidays.  Kind of a burn but eh, sometimes ya just gotta do what you gotta do.  Still, it could have come in handy finance wise.  Missed a bunch of catering business from lack of time and missed a couple of markets I could have presented my crochet, quilts and goats milk soap in.  Eh, I have plans to remedy that as well. 

Today, I have pretty well screwed around and not got much accomplished.  It's been cold and rainy and the lack of sunshine makes me melancholy.  So, I have one of the shelves I built the year before last half taken apart in the front room.  I'm re purposing it into a 3 level rabbit hutch for the mini bunnies I've been raising in the house. It needs done but eh, I just don't feel that super motivated today.  Guess I better do something with it, LOL

Until next time................