Monday, December 22, 2008

everyday disappointments we have

Life is usually pretty darn good here. We may not be rolling in the dough but we've got food and shelter and family. Our distractions are our livestock and gardens, our weekly skeet shoot, seasonal hunting, you know, farm stuff. Every once in a while, farming is a great disappointment. Today for instance, was a bad day. It was like the rest of the country here last night, damn cold. This morning wasn't any different. I woke up to my pot of coffee and cigarette like usual, looked over at my window garden to see the first stab of the day. Half my garden was kitten damaged. Seems the small evil orange spawn I saved from freezing to death a month ago decided to help me garden. I walked around the corner of the kitchen island and about stepped in a pile of goo. Seems his sister helped him and is now ill. I've spent most the day following her around with paper towels, the poor thing. She bit me good when I medicated her with the scours stuff. They are just 10 or so weeks old so I just can't throw them out and I don't have the heart to kill them. Tip of the ice berg tho. My thoroughbred broodmare decided she was upset about something and kicked a hole in my barn wall. I got pecked by the English Game Cock and one of my buck rabbits didn't make it thru the night. He seemed alright the night before, oh well.

I'm still sporting this flu/cold or whatever it is so I'm not in the best of moods anyway so today was just a bad day all around. At least my bread and venison roast came out good. It's just coming on 8pm and I'm wiped out. Daughter will need picked up in town around 9:30 so I can't put an end to the day yet.


  1. Sorry to hear you are fighting a cold or the sickies...and I know how it feels when the kitties get to leaving sick spots all over the house.

    Lots of folks with the blahs today! Must be the local, state, and national news reports...

    Ready for spring already myself...well, you take care.

  2. Geez that does sound like a rotten day. Being sick and these sub-zero temperatures make things even worse.
    I'm still living a WONDERFUL cat-free life since the kids moved out and took theirs with them,yayyyyyy. No more surprises on the floor and I can finally replace the drywall those furballs decided to use as a scratching post.
    Kinda jealous on the weekly shoot...every place here shuts down during the winter.

  3. Thanks Hermit and Chris for your support. Today is looking just as grim too, LOL, woke up to the Christmas tree turned over, a bunch of stuff on the floor from the counter and freezing rain! I just love winter! I hope I make it thru the day without strangling kittens!

    Sorry 'bout lack of shooting spots, I've my own here on the farm ;)


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