Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Days-Self Sustained Living Style

It's been a busy few days for the son and I around the farm. We've been scraping the bottom of the hay loft for a couple days sweating out the first cut of hay. We just did 2 of our small patches to check the equipment out and make sure it's all in working order before getting into a big field. We got it all done and the boy cussed me a bit for baling them so heavy. Half way thru the job it got overcast and smelled like rain so I cranked it down a little bit. It didn't rain so I got the "told ya so" along with the dirty look. LOL

I took today off and drove up to visit some new friends and had a very nice time. Thanks Clovis and Sardog for inviting me. I'm so glad you liked the cheese, I got a bunch better at it, eh? LOL Practice makes perfect!

We seem to have dodged the rain so tomorrow will be bean planting day. I'll need to clean off the hay string that seemed to find it's way onto the tiller so I can roll the soil over for easier planting.
6 rows, 100' long will be the order of the day. That will give us enough red kidney beans to last a year. I'll probably get the melons put out as well. Tomatoes are also starting to take off after being about drown to death, I'll post pics when they flower out. I still haven't knocked all the grass out of the onion/garlic patch, I'm still miffed about it too, LOL.

I still haven't finished the chicken coop, actually haven't touched it in 2 weeks. Another half done project to add to the list. If my back doesn't peter out on me I think I'll dig a post hole or 2 for the enclosure. We need to worm a few animals and dehorn some calves too but I need to work it in somehow. The chicks are getting big enough to jump out of their cubby inside the coop and I don't want them to be lunch for the barn cats.

Oh! I almost forgot! We saw our first cougar! The dog was acting like the big scaredy cat he is, whining and such so I figured coyotes were too close. Went out and saw the big son of a gun with the night vision in the CRP about 200 yrds out munching a deer. Scary! I thought they were just urban legend/rumor. Guess not! Hope he doesn't run out of deer.

Just another day on the little bitty farm...


  1. Damn, a cougar? I've heard stories that they were moving into our areas, but never a real eyewitness account. That's cool and a bit scary at the same time as far as livestock is concerned. Might be time to think about a big guard dog for them.

    It's pretty neat that you got to see it. I've never seen one that wasn't on a leash or in a zoo.

  2. Wow a cougar eh? Stay safe MM. Glad you have someone to help you out on the farm some.

    Kentucky Preppers Network


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