Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Crazy Summer

Well, not much happened around here pertaining to being self sustained this summer.  Garden went to hell real quick with my goofy work hours.  Goats were the only highlight of the season.  They did great.  Found a chunk of concrete out in the back hay field left by my son and his scrapping phase that blew my hay cutter all to hell.  Still managed to get enough hay put up tho.  Been spending all my money on fencing this summer, stretching 100' at a time as the paycheck and bills allow.  Still have a long way to go tho, it's depressing that I can't get it done faster.

Made a couple hay feeders in an attempt to simplify feeding time and keep the hay waste down.  Seems to be working okay.  Have enough lumber left over to make one more, might do that this week.  When I figure out how to get the pictures from the phone to the laptop, I'll post some.