Wednesday, December 1, 2021

It's been a while

 Ive been in kind of a blur for quite a while.  Just watching the world go completely insane.  Im done with it all.  I'm ready to withdraw from it all and go back to full time farming.  I have a few things to finish up paying for tho, so, a little at a time.

So, what's been happening?  With all the fake pandemic crap, the off farm job has drowned me in overtime this year.  Farming has been just about impossible.   Ive lost sleep the last couple of weeks tending sick goats.  Ive lost 4 now.  

Ive got potatoes,  tomatoes,  onions and garlic going in the house for winter eats.  Im not liking the price or quality of whats currently available at the local grocery.   Ive pretty well stopped buying anything from any retailer.  There just isn't anything I feel like I need anymore. Since i refused to comply with being controlled by fear, was denied access because I would not wear a mask,  I've realized that I just don't need any of the things I thought I needed.   

So, back to basics again.  I'm trying to get it all done by myself now.  I'll be sharing it all here, just like i used to...